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Texture Pack To-Do List

posted Jul 01, 2011 23:00:18 by Bladecatcher
TERRAIN- DONE! If you have any requests for some alternative textures, just tell me!

MOBS- I think I'm actually going to keep them standard, but if you make something even more adorable, then I'll take it.

GUIs and MENUS- Done!

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Block_Fortress said Aug 04, 2011 08:15:26
Comment on your video: Minecraft - LET IT BURN! and Server Details
I will always like doku for the texture but I really like that texture pack you are using now! Diamonds to whoever made it!

Fans love it! Well done blade!
I need to organic build more...
mayhemman2121 said Oct 05, 2011 16:49:51
I request darker wool
Bladecatcher said Oct 06, 2011 05:08:04
Ive had a few ideas for different wool options. Darker wool is one of them and I'll definitely get on it! I'm also thinking about wool that has no or very little texture to it, for pixel art.
Deemez said Oct 06, 2011 16:29:18
Sounds great, because I prefer clean wool.
mayhemman2121 said Oct 07, 2011 15:55:11
awshum its blindingly bright atm
crummy19 said Oct 23, 2011 00:16:13
I'm just wondering, are the pumpkin and jack o'lantern textures supposed to be that light blue almost cloth look? or did I eff something up?
Bladecatcher said Oct 26, 2011 01:15:53
Haha no, you didn't mess up. It was decided in a majority decision that jack-o-lanterns should be changed to blue glowstone. If you prefer normal pumpkins, there is an alternate pumpkin texture in the "Alternates" file inside the texture pack. You'll need photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP (which is free and awesome) to paste it into the terrain.png though. I might upload a how-to video when Bladecraft goes public.
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