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Texture Problems or Difficulties

posted Jul 04, 2011 23:16:42 by iRappZ
Post your problems or difficulties with the texture pack here.
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Keoni said Sep 25, 2011 07:50:44
xD iRapp, its iSliick, ill show you how my place looked with the WRONG texture pack xD.

XD it looks way better in this texture pack
Srry i got the wrong 1 xD
Keoni said Sep 25, 2011 07:51:12
Dam, that didnt work..
try this
iRappZ said Oct 05, 2011 02:35:19
Hahaha, nice.
AutumnAlannaNeitz said Oct 08, 2011 19:24:27
Big problem: It's not LB Photo Realism.
Bladecatcher said Oct 09, 2011 20:43:03
Hey I have a problem with the forums, irapp. Under "actions", there's not a "punch antiqua in her stupid face" option. And I need that one.
iRappZ said Oct 12, 2011 02:10:51
Be nice, Blade. And I think she was referring to the WRONG Bladecraft post.
SHADOW01905 said Nov 06, 2011 18:35:33
new BC crashes by fog raping you every now and then?
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