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Bladecraft: Survival Version

posted Oct 05, 2011 03:21:17 by Bladecatcher
Well, here it is! My perpetually almost done texture pack, Bladecraft! It is a rich, colorful, and highly textural 16x16 texture pack meant to resemble North American terrain, with a focus on useful building materials. It's perfect for showing off your awesome builds!

As I've said, Bladecraft is a work-in-progress. Everything is 100% original (except the art), but some things still need some tweaking and I haven't done the items yet. Be sure to check in occasionally for the latest version and new texture alternatives!

Download Bladecraft here! Bladecraft 1.0 on PMC

Bladecraft 1.0 Mediafire

Don't forget to check the Alternates file!
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querijnable said Dec 28, 2011 17:54:15
can u also make a 32x32 if u are bored, i really like higher def.

Hope u dont wanna punch me in the face like what u wanted to do with Antiqua...

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