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In the martket for some trees

posted Nov 28, 2011 13:37:58 by Shogan
Hey guys, current working on a new build and I am looking for someone to make me some trees.

I am looking for:
trunk base 4 - height 22 (4 of these)
trunk base 1/3 - height 11/15 (8 of these)
or what ever you feel looks good but I do need the height restrictions adhered to.

All I can offer you is a special mention on PMC when I publish it :)

If your interested let me know via PMC or if you see me on skype.

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ThunderTrooper said Nov 29, 2011 00:25:31
I am interested! But what do you mean with the trunk base?
iRappZ said Nov 29, 2011 04:21:27
I guess how many wide? I can help you out with them if you like (:
Shogan said Nov 29, 2011 18:41:37
Yeah need the base to be 4x4 for the bigger trees and less than 4 for the smaller ones.

got most of the base for the build done, just need to work on idea for the rest. Will pop a screen shot up when I get the chance.
Shogan said Nov 30, 2011 19:15:42
So here is a screenshot of the build so far, still not really sure what I am doing. Generaly I don't, I just tend to build as ideas come to me. Anyway the trees are for the grass areas in the centre.

ThunderTrooper said Nov 30, 2011 21:08:11
Looks interesting! Btw do you want every tree to be unique?
Shogan said Nov 30, 2011 21:22:39
Doesn't have to be ;)
ThunderTrooper said Nov 30, 2011 21:56:29
Okay! Also, may I suggest that you use original Minecraft/Voxel/WE trees for the 1 (maybe 2) trunk size. There's no point in custom making such small trees, you just can't make them look better. I have some finished versions and some prototypes, if you want you can hop on the server tonight and check out. :)
Shogan said Nov 30, 2011 22:33:12
There is a point, being that I dont want normal world trees. If it comes to it I will prob end up using them but they are not what I want. As for the WE/MCEdit trees they just don't look right, that is why I came here to ask for some help from people on the server.

Is the server updated yet?
ThunderTrooper said Nov 30, 2011 22:54:07
If that's the case I'll see what I can do about it. It is not :(
I can send you a picture on skype if you don't want to downgrade.
Shogan said Dec 02, 2011 22:17:13
Sorry been a busy few days.

I will downgrade when I can be arsed to unrar the file and change it over.
Not built any more so plenty of time to check them out, thanks in advance :)
iRappZ said Dec 03, 2011 05:32:58
Are you building this on Minecrafted's server?
Shogan said Dec 03, 2011 10:12:10
Nope, I am building it in single player.

Why do you ask?
iRappZ said Dec 04, 2011 23:36:16
Just out of curiosity, I knew it wasn't on Mithrintia so I was just wondering.
Shogan said Dec 05, 2011 07:49:54
Well once I am done I am sure we could find a home for it somewhere ;)
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