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Herro (> ಠ益ಠ)> Outdated.

posted Dec 03, 2011 15:05:58 by Emrpo
I've been wanting to play, but whenever I try to join it says server Outdated 'cause i know you guys are in 1.7.3
But what can i do to play, how can i update my Minecraft to that so i can join or what can i do?
Thx ._.
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ThunderTrooper said Dec 06, 2011 09:15:21
You can downgrade! You just have to find a 1.7.3 .jar file. Otherwise you just have to wait till we update, which will hopefully happen very soon.
Emrpo said Dec 06, 2011 20:41:52
a 1.7.3.jar hmmmmmm, seems easy enough ._.
But'd probably mess it up -_-" So'd better wait for the update.
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