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CAnt connect to the server: You are not white listed on this server/Took too long to log in

posted Dec 17, 2011 13:18:59 by Johnter
Hey, if i want to join with the 1.7.3 .jar i ge this message: Took too long to Login
So i decided to test it with the 1.0.0 ,jar and this message comes: You are not white listed on this server

Any1 knows something about? D:
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0123cheese3210 said Dec 17, 2011 13:41:55
same for me.
As we are members, we should be on the whitelist, we also shouldn't have to go through the a application process.
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avatar said Dec 21, 2011 22:49:58
the server is not up publicly yet, so there is a whitelist with only mod / admins on... dont even know if artisans / architects can come on....
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