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Hey, I am Punkurs

posted Dec 24, 2011 21:15:16 by Punkurs
Hey there, i havent been actually been on the server yet but I thought you might want to know a little about me before i join. I love to build nice look ing building that arent square! Espicially wooden buildings, and i also like to make my own skins. i also have a few questions that I need answering, on the application, when it says "post some of your builds here!" or something like that, where do I post it? anyway, thats all. Hope to see you on the server (If my application gets put through) :)

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Punkurs said Dec 24, 2011 21:25:02
Im not sure how to edit the topic I just posted. but I managed to find a way to post what I build, here are some of the stuff:

Thanks! :D
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ThunderTrooper said Dec 26, 2011 12:20:30
Really nice Punkurs! Think you'll do just great on the server!
Punkurs said Dec 26, 2011 15:39:37
There are so many more buildings I wish I could post, but it would fill the whole page. If you want to see them, add me on skype ~ duncanftw

ThunderTrooper said Dec 26, 2011 17:23:42
It's cool, looking forward to see your creations on the sevrer though. :D
Punkurs said Dec 26, 2011 23:23:13
If I get on, I will most definatly make a ship port with a little town and a light house, already got some plans!

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