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Cracks of Doom

posted Mar 22, 2012 20:49:00 by Jistic
Here is a survival map that I created using World Painter and world edit. I am quite new to to World Painter, however it was interensting to make and I would like to see what the community thinks of it. Although the basic premise is the same as minecraft vanilla there are some goals that I have desided. Please feel free to leave your comments below and if you do enjoy it please tell your friends!

1. Collect a sapling from each type of tree in minecraft.
2. Find and Collect each type of flowers and mushrooms.
3. Begin a farm that grows wheat, melons, pumpkins, and nether wart.
4. Create a block of iron, gold, lapis lazuli, and diamond.
5. Make a block of every possible colored wool.
6. Create a mob grinder.
7. Go to and create a base in the nether.
8. Find the end portal I have placed in the map and defeat the enderdragon.
9. Reach game generated terrain and build a usable minecraft track from it to the the spawn.
Have fun!
World File:
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