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Mithrintia application thanks for reading

posted Mar 26, 2012 20:23:49 by clebmail1357
I am Cleber2532 and i just saw your post on servers offering help in building. I would love to learn how to build. It would be an honor to build with you guys,learn, and help you guys in projects and any other sort of activity. I know you are not taking in that much people but it would be an honor just to watch and communicate with you guys. I know im kind of a random kid here asking for your help but i really need it. Ok so here it goes.
I am great at Interior designing as well as website designing.
Im good with all of world edit and other plugins as well
(Yes i know this is not a staff applications its just so you know i know how to use world editing plugins)
I really would like to learn from the pros that built the wonderful building i saw on minecraft mondays.
So if you would be so kind to let me in the server to learn from you guys it would be an honor thank you so much
Thanks for reading IGN:Cleber2532
Thanks again and sorry if this is a second message i dont think the other one came through
Good luck
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