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posted Jul 07, 2012 08:46:03 by KiwiBass
Okay first and foremost I would Like to complain, recently, a better part of my plot was set on fire, I do not know who did it, and quite frankly I'm pissed off, no damage was done but the effort required to clean up this mess is cringe worthy, I would like to know who did it and if i could get it removed (via some magical code).

Secondly I have a complaint about the current plot/home situation, I believe each player should be able to set a home, as well as a /plot command, this command will bring the player back to the centre of their plot, I have, in the past lost my plot (no pun intended) and it has taken 12 hours for an admin to come on and help me with my dilemma, hopefully you will take this suggestion into consideration and have my problem fixed and the player responsible gets a stern talking to

Cheers, KiwiBass
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