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Wubblez_69's Application

posted Jul 12, 2012 22:14:21 by wubwubz69
Oh hai :) . I'm wubblez_69. (yes the name sounds a little immature). I was on YouTube when I happened to stumble across Mithrintia. All of the builds look just amazing! And it inspired me make some of my own that were just as amazing :D. I love to build, it's the reason why I bought Minecraft. I love being creative with my builds and making up the designs as I go. But the problem was with building on random servers (even servers with friends in fact) was that the map would be reset, it would get greifed, admins would troll with me, etc. which really sucks because all I do when I join a server is just build. I've been looking around for a server with awesome builds and huge projects and that's when I happened to find Mithrintia :D (from watching Minecrafted's pimp my minecraft and stumbling up Block_Fortress and then here). I just hope that I can get accepted and white-listed so I can start building and impress you guys :D .

Here is 2 pictures (hopefully it worked) of 3 previous builds I actually made a few months back. I know it's pretty old and there's a chat box in the way, but I was playing on a classic server and actually made some cool things. I just hope that you guys like it and that I can become a little part of Mithrintia. :D
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