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Whitelist APP & Hello ;]

posted Jul 13, 2012 00:08:32 by zomorocks26
Hi, I'm zomorocks26 and I think you guys are AMAZING builders. The best. I've seen your videos on youtube, and I look forward to more. I like to build a bit myself, I'll post a couple pictures on just some building styles I like to use. My favorite would probably be along medieval/gothic style architecture. Mostly medieval. I came here for more info about gothic architecture and to find a good creative server.

Some of the things I built were legit and some were non-legit. I built some of them on an SMP server, (which I play legit & non-legitimately, long story, helped build some things for the server, but otherwise I have a legit town there… anyways…) and some in single player or on my own little private server which I solely use for building, by myself and sometimes my friend likes to come on and build as well :]

Ok, now for some pictures.


That should be just a slideshow of most of the things I have built recently. Some of the things I did not solely built, such as Camp and Viking town, but the other things I did build myself. Most of them were legit, actually. (Some were made on an SMP server)

Well, I hope I get accepted. I'm really hoping to join an awesome build server ;]

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I love building. Anything medieval/gothic is my favorite style I suppose.

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