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My Application

posted Jul 26, 2012 10:34:55 by EdaG3399Narwhal
Hello Mithrintia, I am Ethan. On Minecraft, known as "EdaG3399". So to be accepted I suppose I must impress you guys with things Ive done. Welp, Ive been on several servers and only stayed on about 2 that really impressed me. I ran my own for a little while and it turned to hell. It was a complete waste of time. Ive made a few castles, custom terrain maps, and skins. Mainly to be uploaded on PMC for fun. And to get the rank of "Narwhal". People mainly join server's like this to have a unique experience and to be apart of a friendly community. This is what Im here for too. If you want to see my PMC page for a list of creations, heres the link : ---->>>>
I can be creative when it comes to building. Im not repetitive in builds and I make it as unique and scenic as possible. I hope you accept this application and thank you for your time.
That one kid
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