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Registration and reliability of the staff

posted Jul 27, 2012 18:49:11 by rondoa1
I am beginning to very much question if the admin even care if there are, like, fifty people registering each day to join in. I mean, I applied abotu five days ago (I really don't know how long, but it feels like that) and still no reply through email, and I'm still not whitelisted.

Then I look through the questions section of this site, and find that not a single one was replied to by the admin. (at least on the first page...)

What the hell?

I mean, really, if there are fans, even members of your site, don't you think you should at least give some feed back? A simple no, a simple yes, small explanation here or there, tell someone the truth like a badass, or just send SOMETHING. I can guarantee that most people who have tried to contact administration are becoming even more confused, and are abandoning this great opportunity because teh admin take little intiative.

Now, I say this because I have no reply from the server whitelist registration in order to even do anything on the server at all. Yet, nothing, still. Pulling up the history, it was Tuesday, July 24, at 10:03 am (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours).

So, I've been waiting for about 3 days at least/most, I don't know. Well, that settles most of my question. No longer so urgent. Now, if it really has been five days, I'd be very paranoid, most of this was already written as such.

Anyway, I still don't even know how to tell if I've been accepted unless I can actually log on to the server.

All I want to know now, is how do I even know if I've been refused or accepted? If there is any other way to verify this besides email, that'd be a lot better.

I will be waiting for a reply...

Other names (Useless :D): Seven, seventh architect, danei.

IGN: Daneitoa
PMC: Daneitoa
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