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Application of Pukli

posted Aug 13, 2012 00:28:44 by Pukli
Hello there, just found out of this server and concept of yours. I've been watching some of the videos and decided that this is something what i would love to be part of. Your work is really astonishing. Since i've played my minecraft on survival mod and kept cheats and powerful editing tools out of my server even flying has been disabled like 90% of the whole time its been really an effort to come up buildings like these. Hopefully you can see some potential in me and have me whitelisted :)

Here are some pictures,some of the pictures like both castles are still unfinished work in progress. And don't hesitate to ask if you need to see more. There are lot more of these buildings just tried to grab couple of good ones without changing worlds. Some of my new builds are still waiting to be transportation to main world :)

ps. Some part of these pictures were made in alpha minecraft almost 3years ago so thats why there are for example those two nintendo characters in there and other weird things :)

ps. I found out later on that you have this application form on other website and i filled that up also if that is the "right" way to get in. But i'm hoping to hear from you soon and sorry if my actions caused any unnecessary work.

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