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Alex's Application.

posted Sep 10, 2012 21:14:44 by AlexMeunier
I'm nervous, but the first thing I will say is hello. I have been playing minecraft from the time alpha started (a long time :D). There is just something from the game that attracts me deeply. I am 18 and my name is Alex, i have graduated from high school last year and am really addicted in minecraft. I will be going into engineering this year of university (Columbia). Now why do I want to join this great community? Well, first of all I have seen all of the builds that are created by you ingenious builders! You are really great at building. Now before I go on any farther you must know that I am more of a world edit builder, for landscapes and things, BUT I still have many constructing skills. For example:


As you can see this is an example of two tree cities that I have made. I can however make some pretty sophisticated towers and castles, usually using world edit for long walls and such. I now have been using only creative from the time it came out as it is a great tool for building and getting access to blocks in the fastest ways possible.
I also have a great understanding of Redstone, if needed. I have created a redstone television, redstone calculator(+,-,/,*), and some complex piston elevators. Redstone is very easy for me as I am good in mathematics. I have not given up being creative though :).
If needed I can create a mod, or bukkit plugin for your server as I have taken a long and fatiguing course of java over the past two years. I have created some small plugins for my own needs, but would not be bothered if you need a plugin or any sort of assistance regarding plugins.
When I see some of your builds I am completely aghast because the level of architecture and creativity is extremely high. I know not many people have told you this, but in some of the builds there are some tiny details that could be added to your constructions to make they both better and more appealing to the eye.
Now, lets talk about the time that I have and how devoted I will be, joining your community. Now, first of all I really want to join because I want to see your builds. Second of all I feel like I might be able to help in any way like making the server's environment better. I will be able to play for at least one hour EVERY DAY, and definitely help during this interesting period of time. Not only will this get myself rid of university stress, but it will also enhance my future intentions of being an architect.
Wow, well I think I have explained myself enough and told you great people why I want to join your intense community. I am sorry if my language is poor. The reason being that I am not an American, but a French citizen. I have passed my SAT(high score), but my level of vocabulary is still under some regular standards.
Thank you so much for accepting me to your server, and even if I don't get accepted, I will still be amazed by your constructions and teamwork(timelapses).
By the way, I will be able to donate a certain amount when I get my credit card(even if I don't get accepted). Thanks again for the amazing builds!
In-Game-Username: nicolas12345

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AlexMeunier said Sep 10, 2012 21:16:40
I am sincerely sorry that the pictures are not showing up, is there any way I can upload them to prove to you that I can build ;D.
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