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posted Oct 27, 2012 03:34:37 by Kromeblade
The fact is; noone really checks these forums anymore. If you REALLY need the question answered email Irapp at:

Heres some answers to most of the questions posted here:

If there is a new update is usually takes quite a bit of time to get the server to update with it. This is because all the plugin developers have to update their plugins before we can use them.

Applying does take quite a while to be accepted. We have already looked over around 2500 applications and accepted half of them. What really bugs us is that we still have only around 350 accepted players who came on the server. We are trying hard to look through your applications but it does take awhile and we also have to look after the players on the server.

You will be messaged on PMC when someone has looked through the app.
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JDRoX665 said Nov 14, 2012 09:23:57
Thank you for this topic, answered all my questions. :) Kudos.
zeathoros said Dec 16, 2012 22:15:08
Thanks,this helped a little but, though i have a question, if so many people have been accepted then why does it only show around 6 people online at any given time? I have applied and i am waiting eagerly to join your server, and i understand that you must go through a lot of applications. But why are so many people leaving your server? Is there any issues that we should be informed of that might make us not want to join?
Kromeblade said Dec 17, 2012 04:56:03
Most good builders usually leave to work on their own projects (youtube, server etc) and we never have any classes anymore. I don't see anymore new people coming on though :/ wonder why.
zeathoros said Dec 17, 2012 10:38:45
People are going to leave, that's only natural, i mean it is an academy is it not? so once you learn something you don't go back and re-learn it. Why don't you start letting NEW people in since none of the old people are showing up, on Planet Mc you have people supposedly been waiting a year to join (if there is any truth behind this idk), If you start letting people in then maybe your academy will liven back up a bit?

-thank you for replying to my previous post :D
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