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Issue

posted Nov 03, 2012 03:00:15 by grahamrus84
Hello Mithrintia People, I was just accepted to join the Mithrintia academy! I'm really happy about it, however, when I try to sign in I can't get in because I'm not white-listed. I have heard of this problem and was wondering if there is a solution, or just a mistake in the system. Thanks! My IGN is: Conmentor

Here is a copy of the email:

Mitchell Earle
Oct 31 (2 days ago)

to aaron, Aaron09sss, aidenf09, Alec, Alex, Alicia, andrew.lars, Anthony, ardairmak1504, arielelysszs, artur.db, ASuicidalBullet, atticus_chang, Avante, bartong17, basketballblue5, bengubkien, Bjorn, blueejaay10, bn.turner, Bowie, Brandon, brendandomo, Chris, chris100procent
Greetings, and congratulations! You have been accepted into the Mithrintia Academy!

Before you join please take a moment to note a few things:

1) Please read the following rules:

1) Please do not use excessive swearing, racist, homophobic, or derogatory terms that may cause harm to others.
2) Please do not spam or flood the chat. It’s distracting for other users, and is not tolerated.
3) Do not grief other builds or build on, around, over, or under other peoples’ builds. If you grief, you will not be issued a warning and will be banned immediately.
4) Advertising other servers and content unrelated to Mithrintia in the server chat, forums, or any other official server space is against the rules.
5) Please respect the staff; they are here to help you, but respect them and their time regardless.

In addition to the server rules members are expected to maintain a decent behaviour whilst on the server. Mithrintia has a strong sense of community and friendly interaction between server members creates a more enjoyable and productive experience. Encourage friends to join and feel free to do team builds with other members. Our private teamspeak server allows for effective communication between server members and staff.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in either a warning or kick from the server at the discretion of the server staff. Repeated offences will result in a permanent ban from the server - NB - The rules apply to everyone, if you have donated money to the server but have banned as a result of ignoring the rules, we are not obliged to refund your money.

2) You should obtain our texture pack at the following link, thing will look a little odd if you don't: Mithrintia Pack

3) The server IP is:

4) Also feel free to join out TeamSpeak server:

5) Most importantly, have fun building and welcome to Mithrintia!

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