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Hello and Whitelist Application

posted Nov 21, 2012 19:47:06 by ArchAngel111
Hello! My name is Austin, or Archangel, whatever you want to call me. I have been playing minecraft for somewhere around 3 years now, but I've always wanted to learn to improve my builds. I know that I will need to be patient and learning takes time. I don't just want to learn to build better though. I want to learn how to unlock my inner creative self, and my hopes are that you guys can help me do that. Here is a few screenshots of some of my builds. They are not great, but I made do.

Some other information about me:
Senior in HS
Love to read
Love archery
Love to swim
Love jet skiing
Love Para-sailing

**I submitted the application from here, but was unsure if it went through, so i figured rather than submit it twice if it did, id do the next best thing and introduce myself here.
Hope to get accepted and meet all of you guys!
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ArchAngel111 said Nov 25, 2012 21:29:02
Really hope to see you guys in the academy soon. I really want to learn. I wanted to add something to my application. I know that I am no different from the next guy who really wants to learn. I even just said the same thing. Im not more special than the next guy, I just play minecraft. I have been playing around 2 years with nothing but trying to make myself better. I want to major in graphics design and everything,but I cant do that until I can unlock my true creative self, and I believe that you guys are the only ones right now that can help me do so. I don't know any of you yet, but I really hope that I can have that chance, and to prove to you guys that I would be worth the education time. I can say that I will work hark like everyone else, but to me, this isn't just a game. It's me trying to figure out how creative I can truly be when guided with the right hand. (You guys) I really hope that you will give me this chance, as I know that I will do everything in my power to prove myself to you all. Thank you.
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